How U-Visit Works

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do

Simple, Faster, Safer for Visitors and Front Desks.

U-Visit is used in care homes, schools and offices to manage their visitor sign in and sign out. Watch this video to see how easy U-Visit is to use for Visitors, contractors and the Front Desk

For visitors there are no queues, no shared touchpoints with others - signing in can be done from your own phone.

For the Front Desk, interactions can take place at a safe distance, there is no visitors book to manage and details of who is on site are easily visible in the easy to use U-Visit portal.  And for those visitors that may be struggling or have forgotten their phones you can sign them in and out via the U-Visit portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

Once we have onboarded you - simply design your sign-in poster - incorporate the branding and any important messages from your business, add the QR code we supply you, print the poster and display it.  You are now up and running with U-Visit Contactless Visitor Registration! 

Do I need any IT Infrastructure?

No - visitors are able to use their own phones to sign in - all they need is a mobile phone signal.  Receptionists can use their normal laptop or desktop to access the portal and they can also use a mobile phone which will allow access to who should be on site in the event of an evacuation

Can I have multiple sign-in points?

Yes - for busy receptions or events, simply print additional copies of your sign-in poster and display them in different locations.  Rememeber that any visitor only has to scan the poster and can move away from it to complete the sign-in.  There will be no queues while people wait to complete a visitors book or enter details on a tablet.