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U-Visit is a unique Visitor Management Solution allowing you to welcome guests and take their details in a GDPR compliant, COVID safe way.  You are given a branded QR code to display in your reception area.  Once the visitor scans this and provides the data you need, this is instantly available on your PC in real time.

From only £199 a year, this solution is safe and affordable

It is completely contact free
As visitors arrive they simply scan the QR code or tap a contactless sticker we supply you and their details are logged on the software.  This keeps your staff and business as safe as possible

It is GDPR conpliant
You decide how long you want to hold the data for.  All data collected is stored in the cloud, and we can keep it for any length of time you tell us

You have control
You can choose what data to collect.  We do not tell you what data you should be collecting.  You know your business best and decide what data you need from your visitors

It is affordable
From only £199 per year, U-Visit keeps your business safe and secure without breaking your budget

It is simple to get set up
We can work with you to get up and running within a couple of hours.  There is no need for IT teams to be involved and training takes just minutes, as our software is built to be intuitive and user friendly

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